Manatee and Sarasota Counties are homeschool friendly. Just send in your annual evaluation on time and you are ready for another year. Click below to read the State of Florida homeschool law to know what is required of homeschoolers.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! You have worked hard and now you leave your homeschool "classroom" for other places of learning like college, vocational school, the military, or just life. It has been my privilege to see you learn and grow each year as you came for your homeschool evaluations. I will miss seeing you. After many years you have become a friend. Please let me know once in awhile how you are doing in your life and where the Lord is leading you. Send me an email. Always remember to stay close to Him who has brought you this far. He will never let you down. Psalm 32:8 "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you."

Homeschool Friendly

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Homeschool books for sale below.

The end of the school year is  here unless you homeschool year round. Give me a call, email, or text me to set up your evaluation appointment. You can come before you complete your year. Evaluations are done annually. 

Homeschool Evaluation Services

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  • Annual Evaluations
  • Curriculum Consulting

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kim Kisacky and I homeschooled my three children for 13 years in Manatee County. I am also a State of Florida certified teacher who has done homeschool evaluations for 21 years. I try to make the evaluation process as stress free as possible. Many students and parents look forward to their evaluations each year because we make it fun. I try to answer any questions you might have about your child's progress and give suggestions for curriculum for the next year. Please read my FAQ page for more information about my evaluation services.

I do evaluations year round, but my busiest time of year is in the spring and summer. If you are looking for an evaluator please give me a call or email me. I can give you an appointment time within a week if you need one quickly and I am able to mail you your completed evaluation forms by the next day. I am looking forward to another good year of evaluations in 2017! I just renewed my Florida teaching certificate so I will be here for you through 2021 and beyond.

Books For Sale!

Below are some used homeschool books and curriculum that a friend is selling. Please call or text Kathy if you are interested in any of the books. 

Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd edition
Text / Solutions & Test / Audio Book / Multi-Media Companion      $60.
Exploring Creation with Physical Science
Text / Solutions & Test / Audio Book / Multi-Media Companion      $60.
Exploring Creation with Botany                                                      $15.
Exploring Creation with Astronomy                                                $15.

A Beka:

American Government 3rd edition
Teacher / Text                                      $15.  (bonus 2nd edition text, 3 books total)
Economics 3rd edition
Teacher / Text                                      $15.
United States History                           $10.
Text (2nd edition) / Quizzes (3rd edition) / Tests (3rd edition) / State & Local Government Study Outline
World History & Cultures 2nd edition    $2.
World Geography (9th grade)               $4.
Observing God’s World 3rd edition       $2.
World Literature 3rd edition                  $2.
Themes in Literature 3rd edition           $1.
Of Places Literature 3rd edition             $2.
The History of our United States           $ Free
Observing God’s World (6th grade)      $ Free
Enjoying Good Health                          $ Free

Some of the A Beka books are worn and priced accordingly from free to $4. Everything else is in like new or very good condition and some brand new....always wound up buying more than I had time to teach.
Kathy Fulkerson
941-323-5785 Call or Text 

If you have books to sell just contact me and I can post your homeschool books too! Kim K.